Frames & Lenses

Although we offer lens services, we do not do exams. We can order new lenses for a fraction of the regular cost. Are you sick of your old frames but don’t need new lenses? We can replace your old frame and use your old lenses to save you cash. We are able to fit and modify new frames to fit your old lenses. We love to give our customers as many options as possible to save money and reduce waste.  

Save Money On Lenses

Update your lenses

“After hearing how much my customers were spending on lenses I knew I had to help. I started making lenses because vision is an absolute necessity, it has unfortunately been exploited. I pride myself in saving people money for what they need. We are not a commission based company so you get what you need, not what the sales person wants you to have.”

Support Local Business

Family Owned

The lab we use is another family-owned and operated business, so you’re supporting yet another local business while also saving money.

Insurance Reimbursement

Have insurance? You can sometimes submit an “out of network claim” to help get reimbursement from your insurance company. Please note, we do not take insurance and we are not a part of any insurance networks. 

Choose Your Frames

Frame Designs For Everyone

We sell quality fashionable frames. We do not sell name brands, but instead sell an in house brand from a reputable vendor that we have worked with for over 12 years. All new frames come with a one year warranty. There is no deductible,  no matter how many times they might break. Please remember, you must keep our receipt to active warranty.

Get New Lenses & Frames